Those who tilled Stenstugu all time

In catechetical length for Bäl 1690, stands as a master for Stenstugu
Mårten Larsson , his wife is Catherine Olofsdotter and they have children Peter, Anna and Olof.

Per Mårtensson is the first of many masters that we know a little more about. He married first time with Magareta Olofsdotter and they have two daughters, Geirtud and Annika. Margaret dies 1708th. About the daughters, we know that, Geirtrud was married to Göran Norbys in Hejnum and Annika left behind two children. A son, Hans Norberg who was Fördobblings Boatwain and a daughter, Margaret Persdotter who was married to Crono Boatswain Lars Grå. Per married a second time in 1709 with Brita Olofsdotter, she was born in 1684 They had two sons Per born in 1713 and Olof born 1722.

The eldest son Per Persson becomes master at Stenstugu, he marries the first time in 1743 with Maria Olofsdotter. She comes from the second stenstuguparten, they get a daughter Britta in 1746 and a son Olof 1748 Maria dies 1752 and Per remarries in 1753 with Christina Edvarddotter. She was born in 1729 and daughter of Evert Ösarfve. 1755 Per solve their half sisters and brother. Peter and Christina, have a daughter Dorothea 1756. Per dies in 1758 and Christina marries Nils Persson. Nils and Christina , have a daughter Anna in 1760 and a son Per 1763

Dorothea Persdotter , the children of Per Persson and Christina Edvarddotter, granddaughter of Per Mårtensson, married in 1775 with Hans Hansson,born in 1748 at the Gute Bal and son of Hans Båtelsson and Magdalena Persdotter. Dorothea and Hans starting a tedious paperwork to get the title deed of 7/16 mantal Stenstugu Bäl. They solve Dorotheas all half-siblings. Half-brother Olof Persson in his father's first marriage, is married at Mallgårds in Hejnum and half sister Britta Persdotter is married to Rasmus Olofsson at Stora Röstäde in Ekeby. Both explains in an excerpt from the court records in 1776 that they received their right and have nothing to complain about.
1793 Nils Persson and his wife Christina Edvarsdotter establishes a inheritance association to avoid disputes in the future. All Dorothea's half-siblings is called. Half-brother Per Nilsson, in the mother's second marriage, is married at Kyrkebys in Hejnum and half-sister Anna Nilsdotter is married with Joran Mårtensson Alfvén in Vallstena. They both get out of an anticipated inheritance. Per get RD 16 Speice and Anna gets RD 8 Speice. Hans and Dorothea promise to take care of the aged parents and give them a Christian burial. Everyone is happy with what they got out, and have nothing more to claim. 1795,they get the title deed on 7/16 partly Tax mantal Stenstugu Bal. Perhaps that is the reason for the year 1795 of the cabinet, or rather the cabinet doors to the cabinet, on top of the hall, opposite the stairs. These doors sat in my childhood, where the now in 2007, is the pantry in the kitchen, it was formerly the office.
Hans and Dorothea gets thirteen children, but only three reached adulthood, Christina was born in 1780, Dorothea was born in 1786 and Pehr born 1799 Christina marries Christen Persson at Gute Bäl, after his death she marries a member of parliament from Conrad Romin from Romunds in Havdhem. Both marriages are childless. Hans and Dorothea bought a quarter of Gute saw and in a probate from 1812, they have decreed that it should go to their grandson Hans Paulsson, with the exception that as long as their son Pehr Hansson is a minor, the 6 logs annually taken out of the property's forest and sawed into boards and sold, on his behalf. Addition should he have, when he comes of age, as agreed, 32 RD 42s.

Dorothea Hansdotter get married in 1806 with Paul Andersson Gutenberg was born in 1784 by Gute in Bäl and the son of Anders Paulsson Gutenberg and Brita Magnidotter Falk from Västergötland. Dorothea and Paul have three sons, Hans was born in 1808, Anders born in 1811 and Paul was born in 1814, Anders dies in April 1815th. Of old Stenstugu have owned and used the 1/16 part of the fishery in sjuströmmar and stream Gute. Paul and his wife Dorothea bought for fishing with a lot every sixth day in the streams and Auren Geiren. Dorothea dies in 1819 and Paul remarries in 1820 with Butvid (Bodilla) Larsdotter from Skällhorns in Källunge. Paul and Bodilla had three children Anders Petter 1821, Brita Stina 1824 and 1827 Lars
1824 was carried out the Great Shift at Stenstugu. This meant that the land was redistributed between the two parties at Stenstugu so that they would get, larger contiguous holdings. Already in 1808, in conjunction with the Great Shift at Sudergarda, divided the land, which was jointly owned by Stenstugu and Sudergarda up between the two farms. Dorothea and Paul's oldest son, Hans, adopted in adulthood by Dorothea's sister Christina and her husband Konrad Romin and he moved in 1833 to Gute. Hans married in 1834 with Margaret Catherine Jacobsdotter from Tibbles in Hejdeby.

Paul Paulsson Gutenberg, Dorothea and Paul's third son, working as a laborer with his aunt Christina at Gute 1829 - 1833 and then returns to Stenstugu to become master there and married in 1836 to Maria Lovisa Jacobsdotter from Tibbles in Hejdeby, she is the sister of his brother's wife Margareta Katarina. Paul and Maria Lovisa has a daughter in 1839, Dorothea Maria Paulsdotter. Paul and Maria Lovisa's marriage dissolved in 1845, and she moves back to her parents in Hejdeby, but Dorothea Maria stays at Stenstugu. Paul Paulsson remarried in 1846 with Brita Stina Mangnidotter, they were cousins ??and had no children. Brita Stina had been married before with Paul Olofsson Ösarve and had a son with him, Paul Tiomtheus born 1832

Dorothea Maria Paulsdotter get married in 1864 with Jakob Jakobsson from Jusarve in Gothem. He came to the parish as a farmhand at Lillbäls. Dorothea Maria and James have a son in 1864, Carl Olof he died only 8 days old, a daughter in 1867, Anna Maria Josefina, and a son in 1874, Paul Gustav Adolf. Son dies 1879

1877-1878 was conducted fieldwork for Mending Shift Bal First skifteslag but first December 31, 1885 could Gotland Northern Härades property court fix it. This meant that the northern party at Stenstugu moved out to the land bordering Källunge and Vallstena.

Anna Maria Josefina Jakobsson , she called Josefina, married in 1890 with Adolf Oskar Johansson from Sudergarda Bäl. He is the son of Johan Hansson and Maja Stina Pehrsdotter. 1890 they have a stillborn son and 3 February in 1892 was the daughter Maria Dorothea Adolfina born but Josefina dies in childbirth the following day. A year later dies Adolfinas grandmother Dorothea Maria and left her with a family of three men, her great-grandfather, her grandfather and her father. They are recognized in the family tradition as Pauel, gubben Jako and Stainstuen. All three had been or was master at Stenstugu. Oskar Adolf remarried to Catherine Christina Georgina Engqvist from Vallstena and she was always called in the family for Grandma Stinen.

Maria Dorothea Adolfina Johansson got married in 1917 with Algot Erik Ludvig Hultberg from Bro. He was the son of August Hultberg and Anna Margaret Olivia Gardell. Tradition tells us they first met when Alogts father, who was tinsmiths, came to Stenstugu with his sons to replace the roof tiles to a tin roof, it was around in 1905. Adolfina and Algot have three children, Eva was born in 1918, Eric was born in 1919 and Klas-Henrik born 1922.