Residential Buildings


The red cottage was formerly a carpenter and farmhand cottage.After a year as primary residence for the younger generation , it became the home of the oldest generation, because everything was in one plane. In 2011 moved the oldest generation to the nursing home in Visby and the cottage became a guest house and cottages for the youngest generation.

The white wing has been smithy and brewer house. In 1976 it became home to the generation that moved back to eventually take over the farm.From 1979 to May 2009, has the oldest generation living there . Now, the younger generation, who have easier climbing stairs, moved in.

The main building is the housing for the generation that runs the farm now. A typical Gotlandic pair cottage. If you look at the porch, until 1968 , the kitchen straight ahead, the dining room to the left and two rooms to the right. The stairs go to the left of the kitchen. Family tradition says that the dining room was formerly on the right and the living room to the left, but Stenstu Gahne (a party that was moved out at the Mending shift) had very loud parties that the servants who slept in the living room had the night's sleep disturbed. They moved the dining room to the left of the kitchen.

Basement decline was previously to the right of the porch, but was moved in the early 1900s to the gable of the house, while taking up a daily entrance at the back and built a pantry. 1968 was the house modernized and got central heating. The two smaller rooms were merged into a kitchen and the old kitchen became offices and TV room. The pantry was removed and there was toilet with shower, laundry and boiler rooms. 1990 extended the boiler room and a new wood boiler with accumolatortankar was inserted, while scrapping the oil tank. 2005 solar panels installed on the roof of the boiler room to get hot water in summer.