Hansson Family

St Bjerge 1940

This is a picture of St Bjerge in Vallstena parish . It is from about 1940. Here was Elise, Amanda and their siblings born.

Johannes, a brother to Elise and Amanda, became a farmer after his father, and his son Yngve, took over after him and now there are Yngves son Jan-Eve who runs the farm.

Christian Hansson was born on the farm Gute in the parish Bäl and married to the farm Bjerge in the parish Vallstena. Christians father was Hans Paulsson.
You see in Sweden intill around 1850 the childrens lastname was an amalgamation of the fathers firstname and son or daughter. After that the children had the same last name as their father, as we do today mostly.
Hans Paulsson was born at the farm Stenstugu in the parish Bäl, it is the farm I and my husband own. It has been in the family since around 1650, and it is mostly woman who are the link between generations. Hans brother Paul Paulsson was my paternal grandmothers great grandfather.

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